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AI Assistive glasses for people with Anthropophobia

Use AI enabled assistive technology to design solutions to an existing medical condition. 

Based on a user with Anthropophobia, fear of people and human company, FrEyes is a pair of AI assistive glasses that help a person with such condition to cope with it in an empathetical and a fun approach. 


Social interaction, a perspective on human health.

Humans are uniquely adept at using various systems of communication (such as language and art) for self-expression and the exchange of ideas. Social interactions between humans have established a vast variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society. But some people take a step back and stay in a bubble away from this human society. They cultivate a fear for people which lead to adverse effects on an individual's psychological as well as physical levels.


Eye contact is a common triggering point to initiate or exacerbate symptoms.


This is Parnicle

soft-spoken, conscientious, one who can make just about anyone laugh.

A photography student who encountered this strange fear once she moved to a diverse society for studies after graduating from her boarding school.

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Problem Space

Interviewing with Parnicle, led to discovery of areas of her life where her fear has affected the way she lives. The designed solution aims to reduce anxiety through mind mapping and visualization. The graph represents different stages where the mind mapping (prepare) and visualization (cope) comes into action during the day.


"Reality Beyond Perception"

There is a disconnect between her perception and the reality of social contexts.


Experience map without AI

A classroom scenario

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Flowchart without AI

Final; ppt.001.png


FrEyes Storyboard.png

New experience map with AI

A classroom scenario

user experience maps-02.png

Flowchart with AI


FrEyes Assistive Glasses

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Wrapped in the FrEyes frame are the intricate sensors that measure brain and body activity. It measures and analyzes the state of mind and level of comfort and provides actionable feedback in case of noticeable stages of discomfort.



  • Lightweight and comfortable design

  • Compatible with prescription lenses

  • Real-time feedback on your brain’s activity with the ability to control responses to stressors.

  • Cognitive training benefits

  • Unique hologram optics technology with face recognition

  • Hands-free use scenarios

  • One touch easy access to capture the moment.


Stage 1

  • Favorite music starts playing

  • Indicator turns green

Stage 2 mockup copy.png

Stage 2

  • Favorite music starts playing

  • Real-time filters activated

  • Indicator turns orange


Stage 3, a

  • Plays a relaxing video in a safe surrounding

  • Indicator turns blue


Stage 3, b

  • Call a friend/family

  • Indicator turns blue


FrEyes Messenger

With FrEyes Messenger, Parnicle's family and friends get to effectively communicate with her 

Parnicle phone.png

Hi-Fi screen flow

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history screen.png

Understand your FrEyes friend

History is well organized with the necessary visual aid to understand and track developments of the FrEyes user. It encourages friends and family to voluntarily connect with the user to provide empathy.


FrEyes Messenger


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