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Optimize lifestyle through self-tracking


HEXA is an integrated tracking system that provides you and your family members an engaging platform to track and manage health data.


Self-tracking, a way of optimizing lifestyle

Self-tracking is a way of collecting data about yourself and the surroundings to optimize the lifestyle. With the ever-rising trend of wearable technology, we explored what’s in it, why do people use it and how do we provide a better experience. The aspect that became the center of the solutions is that people get to monitor the health of the family members while they get connected and strengthen their relationship. It is also essential to provide user-driven knowledge and metrics in a way that is easily understandable with actionable feedback.



An integrated tracking system that provides an engaging platform to track and manage health data. 

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With seamless customizable option, monitor and sense every aspect of your health including heart rate, blood pressure, glucose level, UV radiation, hydration level, sitting posture and sleep.


Ensure that your loved ones are in good health.


Supported by the latest technology, HEXA sensors are designed to work seamlessly to provide a 360° tracking experience.

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It is stylish, compact, and comfortable. Simply attach the sensors to your watch or patch it on your skin.



HEXA WORK is a digital health system at work to keep employees healthy and fit. Our goal is to help you be more aware of your health at work. We designed an integrated system of sensors to keep track of your hydration level, physical movement, sitting time, sitting posture, and time spent on electronic devices at work. We aim to cultivate a work environment that adopts health as an essential part of the company norm. HEXA WORK values and helps employees to stay healthy and feel good because we know this is the foundation of everything.


Behind the design


Through secondary research, we studied the industry and gained an in-depth knowledge about self tracking.


  • Wearable Technology didn’t spur behavior change, and it fails to drive a long-term engagement for users.

  • Self Tracking is going to have the most significant impact on Health Care, leading to patient-driven health care.

  • People experience problems and anxiety from wearable technology, due to compatibility issue and lack of accuracy.

  • The younger generation adapts more to the current devices and applications.

  • The industry is moving towards smart jewelry and smart textile that targets women’s health explicitly.

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The offering activity culture map provides a high-level view that helps us see beyond product offerings and benefits. More importantly, discover how does it connect with people, what they do with it, and why they use it.


Through primary research, we gained insights into what tracking functions users valued the most and understood people's preferences on ways to manage their health. We observed everything in the context of study including places, people, their surroundings, inconsistencies between what people say and what they do.

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Conducted interviews to learn about the people through their stories.


Final insights 

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Through concept linking map, we combined complementary ideas to form a concept system and create a solution that provides both user and business value. 

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Emily Pan Graphic Design, Motion Media, Research
Di Fang Graphic Design, Research
Me Research, Art Direction, Product Design, Interaction Design, Product Strategy


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